Build fancy landing pages with React(-three-fiber) and Threejs

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This course teaches you how to add stunning flourishes to your sites with little code and complexity.

You would think that some of the extraordinary websites on awwwards, fwa or godly are out of reach for you, as a front-end dev that knows Javascript, Html and Css. Graphics on the web have always been deeply complex, reserved for a small community of experts. But with poimandres tooling that has changed, because it allows developers to abstract complex behaviour and then share! Now you can compose experiences like that with React building blocks, similar to how you build anything else on web.

Beginners and intermediates may enjoy it the most. You need to have a basic grasp of React, and perhaps already Threejs, though that can come later.

The result:

The curriculum:

  • Deconstruction of

  • Setting up a dev environment from scratch

  • Expressing Threejs in React

  • Animation basics

  • Finding and preparing (in Blender) model assets

  • Displaying and composing them

  • Use effects and good lighting

The author:

My name is Paul Henschel (@0xca0a), i am the lead developer behind react-three-fiber, react-spring, zustand, drei, and other open-source libraries. I have been working with Threejs for at least 10 years. My goal is to make the creative dev space more accessible with tools that allow people to do more with less code and without loosing control.

I want this!

A 40 minute video (+ code and follow up links) that introduces you to graphics programming on the web, from scratch to a completed project.


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Build fancy landing pages with React(-three-fiber) and Threejs

22 ratings
I want this!